Sherwood is an IDIOT

Last updated : 18 December 2013 By Hoggg

Tonight against West Ham we went 1-0 up after a superb finish from Adebayor. We looked to have the game in our control.

With one substitute left Sherwood makes a genius decision to drop his 4-4-2 (that seemed to be working) for AVB's good old 4-5-1 and leave Defoe up front as a lone striker!

You absolute muppet!

I am furious that someone with ZERO management experience has been put in charge of a team that look as capable as an umbrella in a hurricane!


Fruend has at least had some experience and was brought in as AVB's no.2 for this reason, so why was he not promoted?

Tonight's result is purely on Sherwood and Levy. Levy for putting someone completely incapable in charge and Sherwood for making the exact same mistake that AVB was sacked for.

I may calm down tomorrow, but in the mean time GET SHERWOOD OUT, before he causes any more trouble.


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