Christian Eriksen Admits He Wishes Transfers Were as Simple as They are in Football Manager

Christian Eriksen has admitted that he would have liked his future to have been solved as easily as would be possible in Football Manager after he failed to secure a way out of Tottenham during the summer.

The Danish midfielder has one year left on his current deal with Tottenham and, despite making his intention to leave the club public knowledge, he is now set to stay put in north London until January at the very least.


Speaking ahead of the international break, ​Eriksen discussed the rumours that have been surrounding him for the past few months and hinted that his contract situation led to plenty of exaggerations from the media.

"I ​wish I could decide just like in Football Manager, but unfortunately I can't." the ​Spurs man said, as per ​The Sun.

"For me it's not hard to clear my head. I don't read much of what is written. And now I have been involved for many years, where there have been many rumours every year.

"But it's clear that it's been a little more rife this year because my contract is about to expire. There has been a lot said about me.

"I should have been looking at houses in Madrid [according to the speculation], but I have to be honest and say that all that writing is not something that bothers me. At all."

Eriksen also mentioned that his Tottenham teammates are more than happy to discuss transfer rumours between one another, noting that the matter isn't off limits no matter who may be involved.

"We tease each other," he admitted. "This is how it is in a top club if you have done well.

"There will always be rumours. Whether it's about me or a teammate."

Source : 90min