Bid £40m is required: Berahino

Last updated : 28 July 2015 By hoggg

WBA have been concerned (rightly so) about the impending bid coming from Tottenham for Berahino. Which has led to an individual tweeting that no bid has been received for the U21 forward.

However earlier this month Pulis had been quoted by Sky Sports as saying:

"He (Berahino) is a good player and we are desperate to keep him.

"If a top club comes in, as we have said before, you look at Raheem Sterling and eventually they have to sell.

"And once we get going and if he scores a lot of goals for us, then I’m sure it will be very difficult for the football club to keep him."

No one official has come out from the club to state that no bids have been received. Someone in charge of a Twitter account does not know the full in's and out of the club. We have seen individuals getting over excited and tweeting things that they shouldn't (Delta Airlines was a big example).

As it stands I believe that Tottenham will make a bid IF they haven't already. Spurs are expected to make a £10million bid and WBA want £20million so the logical sense is a compromise at £15m? It is all hear say at the moment and I do not expect this deal to become public until done. Berahino has proven himself in the EPL (albeit he's still raw), but all the same he will come under the microscope if West Brom came out to state that a club is negotiating too early it may not benefit them. The idea is to state that a deal is almost done, to create the panic and crazy offers are made to jump to the front.

The question is how far will Tottenham push for Kane's international partner? As high as £20mill or could Brom's stance cause Levy to look elsewhere?


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