Tottenham star off to a big rival?

Last updated : 31 August 2015 By Hoggg

As if any of our players moving to West Ham was bad enough, now one of our players is linked to a direct competitor!


Man Utd have supposedly been offered Adebayor! Now forgetting that the player is on £100k a week to watch the grass grow you have to ask why he would be sold off to a direct competitor.


LVG has come under intense pressure with another failure in the league against Swansea yesterday.

Anthony Martial is off to the Manchester club, but it seems as if Louis still wants further fire power and there is a chance that the Togo forward may look to further strengthen with this enigma.


If these reports are correct then is it something that is an advantage to Spurs or simply cutting our nose off to spite our face? Next season he can sign for whoever he wants, but Spurs could control the games we face Utd, so would this be a better option or let the forward rot (not allowing others to benefit from his likely point to prove mood).




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