£10m Fee agreed for midfielder

Last updated : 29 June 2015 By Hoggg

After 2 seasons and goals that you can count on 1 hand Paulinho has now moved from WHL.

Interestingly enough it had been said that Levy had managed to get £15million for the player, however it is now clear that this was never to be the case (with a deal agreed at £10million).

You have to feel sorry for Paulinho being touted as a huge talent only to come to Spurs and fail. Admittingly not immediately, but managed to just about look like one of worst signings in Spurs history (with his final appearances).

It is not the true Paulinho and I would agree (a little) for those that say Tottenham broke him, but you could say that about a lot of players.

I for one will wish him well, I’m sure the Chinese league will allow him to again look like the player that was once touted as a future star.


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