A Poor Start for MoPo

Last updated : 23 August 2015 By Hoggg

MoPo managed a better start last season with 6 points, but also with a squad not in his image, so how with his acquisitions is it that the team are in a worse position?

If anything the team is weaker with a distinct lack of depth and complete lack of steal, mix this with the fact that players are being played out of position it is a very bad mix.

What I have to question is what is being done about it?

One striker has gone and not been replaced (N'Jie is not a striker). Soldado has already scored (and in open play)! Adebayor will not feature this season and this leaves the club with 1 striker.

All bar home grown Bentaleb have been sold in the defensive midfield position and yet Bentaleb is not being played! 

How can a team play well with so many players playing out of position? 

A DM and Striker are absolutely paramount in order to make ANY progresssion this season.

I hate to sound like a broken record but I do not feel like the manager is being fully supported. The income in sale of players has far exceeded the outgoings, so money should not be an issue.

If Tottenham are to quickly turn their fortunes around the must have a DM capable and experienced enough to take some of the defensive burdon off of the back line, whilst linking them up with midfield. This will allow freedom in midfield and allow the players to break forward and support our lone striker.

With Harry Kane the only striker there is too much on him to score the goals. In 3 games he has struggled and nothing has happened to protect the youngster.

A long season, no break in the summer and straight back into another long season, but this time without a striker to even fill the slot for one game, let alone many.

I would like to see some thought go into our transfers, at present we have been far too narrow minded in our approach of selling and improving in just one position.


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