ADE to finish in the top 5

Last updated : 21 January 2014 By Hoggg

At present he is the third best striker going on his goals to games ratio. Here are the country’s most consistent scores;

Suarez  1.29 goals to games

Aguero  0.87 goals to games

Adebayor 0.83 goals to games

Sturridge 0.79 goals to games

Van Persie 0.64 goals to games


To take these figures further going on goals scored and expected goals based on their ratio Ade would finish in 4th of the top goal scorers.

Top Goal scorer Table *based on goals and expected goals

Suarez  43

Aguero  27

Sturridge 24

Adebayor 18

Van Persie 17


Ok so yes this is highly speculative and all strikers would have to play each of the last 16 games and be injury free, but either way it’s interesting to look at.

If Ade was to find the net 18 times across the season he would finish with 1 goal more than his loan season from City (his best season to date), however he would have only played half a seaon!

Now if that is not enough to show Spurs fans just how good a player we have always had I don’t know what is!!!!  

If you consider what we paid for Ade compared to the others we have got a hell of a bargain.


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