Another transfer that Spurs will win on?

Last updated : 22 January 2014 By Hoggg

Upon his return from injury he actually played well at centre back and had received good reviews for his part, so firstly I am confused as to why we would sell him. 

Whether his agent likes it or not if Napoli want Capoue than they must pay the quoted price. Personally I would not sell Capoue. I have thought long and hard about it, but why sell him, a loan out at best (with the world cup around the corner).

It is strange that the agent expects everyone else to take a cut, but he wouldn't drop his fee for his player so why would or should a club?

Capoue is a great player to have in the squad and I would not wish to lose him. For me Sigurdsson and Chadli need to go in midfield, however maybe Chadli needs a loan to a premier league team to get his experience.

There are plenty of youth players to be introduced with Ceballos just one to mention that is ready to come up, so some space is needed.

Capoue for me is an unfortunate case where he was injured and now is struggling to get back into the team (with Sandro and Paulinho both coming back it’s only going to get worse). Then with it being a world cup year it makes it more difficult for a player.

I understand that Etienne wishes to play at the World Cup and I would in his position. But when it comes down to it he just needs to get his head down and work hard to get into the team.

As for his agent if he is that desperate to get his player a transfer then maybe he shouldn't take a fee, but we all know that will never happen!



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