AVB: Bale isn't leaving

AVB had refused to get pulled into the transfer circus created by Tap'em Up Madrid over our star player Gareth Bale.

More and more speculation has been growing with new reports released today stating that Perez has jetted into London to launch talks over the sale of Bale. The Mirror go as far as to state that Perez wants Bale, Isco and Ancelotti all in place by the 3rd July. 

Right now that I have mopped up the mess created by wetting myself let's get down to business.

In an interview in the past 24 hours AVB has made another clear  statement :

"The chairman has pledged that Bale isn't leaving the club."

Now forgive me if I am wrong but surely that means that Bale is going nowhere? Papers say that Spurs are attempting to push up the price of Bale by doing this, but I am not adding 1 & 1 and getting 479686494! Why can AVB not be taken on his word? The player has not felt the need to get entangled in the press circus and to be quiet honest anyone with half a brain would avoid a move to a club with no integrity (forgetting the rest of the issues that come with a move to Madrid).

I think it's about time that people start to realise, no it's about time that Madrid realise, IT'S NOT HAPPENING. Yes Perez and Zindane in case you didn't get that NO! So really this is where it should end. AVB has said again that the Chairman will not sale Bale and that ladies and gents is from the horses mouth. No confusion in that, nothing hidden between the lines, its over done and dusted.

Again though for anyone that has not signed, shared, retweeted or emailed our petition on please do ASAP and we can stick it to those illiterate and deaf folk at Madrid. Please support this as the fans must now step up and show we won’t stand for it

https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/uefa-stop-real-madrid-illegally-tapping-up-players) and #ReportRealToUEFA twitter campaign on your blog.


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