Best 3 points of the season

Last updated : 02 January 2014 By Hoggg

When Ade came off and Chadli came on, followed by Kane for Soldado I truly thought it was all over. The substitutes took the wind out of our sails. However we some how held it together and grinded out the win. Ok we may have had a little help from Webb, but still it was a great result.

I cannot deny the lads a great effort and that it ended up in 3 point’s (as a win at Old Trafford is a tall ask for even the likes of Chelsea and City).

Ade has been fantastic, his inclusion has revitalised the likes of Soldado and energised the rest of the team.

The stats certainly ended up better than what I expected as well. 43% possession did not do us any harm, nor did the 9 shots and the 73% pass completion (the worst we have had in a while as well). The figures came up all wrong and still WE WON.

Lennon finished the game Squawka’s Man of the Match and Chiriches behind him in 2nd place. So again despite all of Utd's possession they still failed to gain the upper hand. Lennon managed to assist the winning goal and help to stop Utd from pulling a point back.

It was a dogged performance and although there was plenty to moan at and plenty of things that were completely wrong, I just can't help but brush it under the carpet.

This week though we found our true rhythm, 11.8% of the game was played in Utd's box and we played 7.63% in the final third of the right side of the pitch. The best we have seen in while.

The turn from our slow possession style has shown that it really was not for the team. It may be a good idea for some teams, but for Tottenham it's not for us and never has been.

So up to sixth and just 2 points off of 4th. Our next games in the premier league are against Palace (at home) and Swansea (away). So I am feeling in a confident mood and can’t wait for the likes of Arsenal in the cup this weekend.

So as it stands Sherwood has 3 wins and 1 draw to his name and it doesn't look like changing.


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