Brazilian would represent a good deal

Last updated : 30 August 2015 By Hoggg

Juan Carlos Osorio (Sao Paolo manager) has said: 


"If he goes it’s going to be a shame… Alexandre is, in my opinion, the best striker of the Brazilian soccer in Brazil.”


It seems as though there is a bid in, but it does not tell us who it is from. Pato himself (after the game) was interviewed and he advises that there's an offer but again it's very non committal: 


"I do not know, I have today, tomorrow we’ll see what happens. We’ll see on Monday. I have to see.”


The clock is ticking and there is not much time to get a transfer done.

What I want to explain to everyone is Pato's resurgence and his decline in Italy. Firstly some say the Brazilian never hit the heights of his potential, but you really have to delve in to understand why. AC Milan were a big beast that were "slowly dying" I feel if you look at where they are now compared to the times of past you can understand. Pato was a young striker with a huge potential and AC never protected him. He was being played injured, rushed back from injuries to play and risked way beyond any normal thinking.


Some will argue that this is incorrect, but if you look into it all it really does show. Pato became injured more regularly and parts of the club and its fans turned on the youngster for the situation that THE CLUB caused.


The youngster was not enjoying his football and his confidence dropped beyond repair. The move back to Brazil represented a good move for the 25 yr old, however it was not until his loan move to Sao Paolo that the striker began to enjoy his football again.

€11million is the touted figure and this is a calculated risk. If he fails Tottenham would easily be able to offload the player back to Sao Paolo (where he is highly regarded by the fans and it's manager).


Is it time to bring Pato into the limelight on a big stage, you bet ya! And for those that feel that the Brazilian leagues are far too easily, look at all the players that come from this league, look at the large exports that have come from there. The only reason that this has stopped now is due to the economy growing and clubs are able to offer big wages now.


Go for Pato take the risk and reap the rewards, he is a player that can change the club, as long as the right Pato comes!



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