Clyne deal puts Spurs back further

Last updated : 29 June 2015 By Hoggg

Clyne has been a fantastic right back for Saints this season and has likely been made first choice right back for the national squad.

In comparison to Trippier, well I'm sorry but there is no comparison (other than being the same age). Trippier played more games and scored 0 goals, whilst not making it into the national team. Burnley may have been reluctant to let him go but he is a poor mans Clyne (thus the fee).
Having discussions today there are thoughts on how Levy makes a decision to purchase and it goes like this.....
If Anyone was to buy a Hog Roast in a bun you wouldn't skip the crackling, stuffing or apple sauce (key ingredients). However Levy would see how much he can get off by taking things out (even to the extent of the bun)! 
If you want to challenge and want the best you have to pay for it. You don't cut corners to get to the top you have to be thorough, sensible and weigh up all the options.
Allowing the likes of Liverpool (who have shown fans their ambition already) to jump in for one of the leagues best right backs. Already Tottenham are behind the top 4 and as the window approaches falling further behind. Not going in for Clyne has resulted in instant strengthening for Liverpool over Tottenham, which simply isn't good enough.
I've said it before though that you do not need to spend £30m on one player (especially not Firminho), you just need to get in the right players.
Spurs have failed to do this for numerous seasons. Buy without thinking about a major plan. Would you buy a car without checking the steering works? No you would check that everything is in its right place. So why aimlessly spend money without making sure you will play to their strengths and strengthen your squad?
As a club they are famous of recent for just buying without thinking of a big plan, so why allow it to continue. It's not just about buying it's about weakening your opponents too.
Levy and Co have failed to do this and have allowed others to do this with them. Ok Brendan may have brought in too many new faces again, but if 2 click Liverpool are already in a great position.
It is early days and the widow not open, but it's a poor and dangerous game to play an I for 1 hope that for once Levy actually learns from his mistakes and has most of the transfer work completed to take the club forward.

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