Complete Failure

Last updated : 31 January 2014 By Hoggg

Levy has allowed a team that has struggled at times to be weakened and one of the przie assests to leave. Surprise surprise no one has come in.

This now leaves us in a situation where we are in big trouble.

Levy is not willing to support Sherwood and has been told that there are no funds for him to spend, however Levy is happy to bring money in? 

Why bring in a new manager and refuse to support him?

Well it's obivous Sherwood is a gap filler and IF Sherwood managed to get top 4 then he would be given extra time, however Levy has no intention in believing in Sherwood and his tactics have made everything crystal clear.

These childish games have now damaged the club and it is clear that Levy has no interest in taking the club forward.

We have had enough of gap filler players and now we have to put up with Levy's gap filler managers! Enough is enough Levy is the bad apple and he MUST go.

His failure to secure a replacement for Defoe some it up. If you don't trust than man you put in charge to spend wisely you should not put him in. Sherwood is being treated as a mug like the rest of the club.

As far as I am concerned kiss top 4 goodbye as it's just another poor decision to let this season slide! Well done Levy, in any other business (which is how our club is run) you would be fired for making several high profile mistakes. You time is up GET OUT and stop destroying the name you some how managed to build up.



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