Defoe's epic fail

Last updated : 18 January 2015 By Hoggg

It was a bit of surprise to be honest in Gus Poyet's desperation to include Defoe in the loss at to Tottenham yesterday, however it is Defoe that now has lost that record of scoring on his debut.

Tottenham we are exceptionally familiar considering we had signed him twice.

It was a little bizarre seeing him play against Tottenham for a second time, but what was more bizarre was his only true contribution to the game was a dive.

You can say what you want but it was no more a penalty than our third goal was offside.

I can understand why Poyet has to kick up a fuss about it as his side lost in the dying minutes of the game, but its not the first time Tottenham have done it. 

Although the little genius did dive against us (I can say this as it wasn't given), I wish him all the luck at Sunderland and hope that he settles in (cause scoring against the other teams now is a bonus for Spurs haha).


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