Disaster Strikes

Last updated : 23 January 2015 By Hoggg

It now becomes clear why Levy was so quick to hand MoPo the managerial position when you hear this come out of Pochettino's mouth:

“Always, always,” said Pochettino, when asked if this was his preference. “This is my philosophy, my idea. If we have in the talent in the academy, we need to give the opportunity. Why find players outside the club?

“We won’t give opportunities to those we don’t believe have the potential to play in the first team, but if they do, I prefer to give them the chance. For me, there are many players here who have that potential. We just need time and patience.”

I am a firm believer that the youth must be given a chance, however not at the detriment to the squad and results.

You CANNOT just player youngsters in hope that one of them replicates the form shown at their youth level. It is a dangerous game. There is a certain manager (who I refuse to name) who had done this at the detriment to the club and have allowed them to fall dramatically down the pecking order in the EPL.

Experienced players are an integral part of the team, so when MoPo states the above I am sure that this is likely to reflect that although as always in Jan we find ourselves in spitting distance of the top 4 we will do nothing to strengthen our squad, if anything weaken it. This is highlighted in the fact that Naughton has left and Carrol is linked with a permanent move.

We did the same thing last year but to the dramatic extent that we sold the only striker at the time that could be relied on to score.

Levy has shown every January complete stupidity. A spot in the champions league is another £20m minimum. When had the chance to sign Hazard in the January (before Chelsea) and secure a champions league spot, but guess what Levy in his infinite wisdom did nothing we didn't get into the champions league and Hazard is now one of the best players in the EPL. 

So yes if MoPo means this in general we may as well get used to a mediocre team that may be good in a few years.... sound familiar anyone!


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