Further International striker linked

Last updated : 30 July 2015 By Hoggg

According to numerous sources Tottenham are now being linked to Liverpool failure Rickie Lambert. 

This concerns me if there is any truth in the story at all!

As far as I am concerned Tottenham were past the stage of bringing players in that are past it as a quick fix. 

In the past Spurs have acted in this way due to failures in obtaining their targets, however not even into the business part of the window and Spurs are being linked to Lambert early on?

If this were to be true than Tottenham's season is doomed before the first kick. We only need to look at the last transfers of this nature to confirm that this concept no longer works. Nelsen and Saha both far beyond their peak. Nelsen so much so that he was released by Blackburn (who were considered well below Tottenham at the time). Neither player went on to do anything notable in the second half of the season.

Back to the man in question, Lambert scored 15 in Saints first EPL season, 14 the next and just 3 goals last season (each season playing close to 40 games). This rapid decline in goals shows clearly that the player is no longer the quality for a team looking at a top 4 finish.

If a club is offloading a striker scoring 2 goals in 10 games and 5 in 40 both younger, then it would show a distinct lack of capabilities and dramatic step backwards on every front of the club from Levy to Baldini/ Mitchell to MoPo.

So for all these reasons I cannot imagine that Tottenham are in fact in for Lambert and I mean no offence to the striker (who had 2 great seasons before his Liverpool move), however now is a time to look forward and invest for the future, not throw money away pointlessly with a proven lack of success.


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