Gallas to GO

So I am sure that you could image my disgust when reading an article in the Standard where Gallas states that his team mates must stop making the mistakes that are resulting in us losing!

I am shocked of the audasity of this guy. The arogance of him, to come out and state that his team mates must stop making the mistakes and fails to mention how many he is making.

When a player admits and holds his hands up to mistakes I am happy to support and back them, but when they ignore their poor performances and tries to pin it on the guys that are clearing his mess up, well thats just not on!

It is with regret (considering the great performances he has put in) that I must say that Gallas must step away from Spurs and this January. I do not want a space wasted on the man who did derves his starting spot. As they say you must grow old gracefully and as it stands Gallas has been caught with his pants down!

Come on Levy if AVB won't drop him maybe you could pass down the order and get rid of him?

Come on you Spurs!!!!

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