Although we are all quick to state that Levy did not fill the voids left by VDV and Modric we must admit that Dempsey seems to be settling and getting better every game.

The past 3 games Dempsey has seemed like a different player! 1 goal 2 assists and 1 mark that could go either way with a header that was helped across the line against Panathinaikos.

I had been uncertain on the purchase of Clint Dempsey, but you can't score 17 goals in a season and then score 3 or 4..... surely not?

I feel that Clint is settling in and has begun to find his feet. Ok yes his goal against Everton was lucky, but he persisted throughout the match and I think won more freekicks then any other Spurs player. He deserved MOM.

The Brusier as I call him is looking good and I hopt that he keeps pushing onwards and upwards.

If he keeps this up then maybe he will have replaced VDV?


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