He is not for sale!

Last updated : 25 August 2015 By Hoggg

In his latest interview he states:

"We have no interest in selling Saido which is what I have told Daniel Levy.

"I know we are living in an age where no club can say 'never' about the possibility of selling a player. However, the prospect of selling Saido is simply not on our agenda."

Same as always it's left too late for a transfer. 

Although WBA have suitable replacements having just arrived (some say I preparation to the sale of Saido), however I deal being struck early on would have seen a better price and time for the striker to settle.

With the latest offer of £22million supposedly being turned down surely the club have to look at a realistic target that is not over priced and someone that is more of a complete package.

If Spurs continue down this avenue it is more likely that Berahino will be another Andy Caroll (a mistake Levy cannot afford to make).




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