Huge Transfer Blow for Spurs

Last updated : 13 July 2015 By Hoggg

In what came as a surprise to many LVG has pulled off a shock in signing both Schweinsteiger and Schneiderlin (another SAS partnership!).

Many fans were surprised at this move, but it really should not be.

That aside Spurs fans should have already prepared themselves for Schneiderlin to move elsewhere (with the player making it clear himself). What is interesting is where Tottenham are focusing their attention?

The likely is that Tottenham were aware of the Schneiderlin (only looking for a Champs league club) and begun looking elsewhere a long time ago. Also can you really see Southampton selling him after the whole Toby transfer?

The likely option for Tottenham is that of McCarthy. A great option being domestically trained, Premier league experience and at a ripe age of 24.

However again Spurs fans should not get their hopes up as the rumours of a transfer came and went faster than it arrived.

It is true that Tottenham are looking at central midfielders, but there is no confirmation that they will be able to land their targets. For example if they excuse their 5 options do they go back into the market and buy for the sake of it?

The Schneiderlin move to Utd is a tough pill to swallow for some fans, but realistically Spurs were never going to land a player that was only allowed to move to a CL club.

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