Injury a Transfer Silver Lining

Last updated : 13 July 2015 By Hoggg

Although this is an injury, it is something that Hugo will recover from quickly.

Could this be a silver lining that Spurs were looking for. The fracture is bad enough that Tottenham have announced it, but is it big enough to put potential suitors off (for this year). A fracture, just as muscle damage can be far worse than a break and something like this could put off potential suitors for the time being.

What I find very bizarre is that the club have not explained or given any detail on this? Hugo is no James Beattie, so it is unlikely that he has injured himself whilst under the influence, so what is the problem?

Either way I hope that this is a blessing in disguise and that the shot stopper is out long enough to put the likes of Utd and Tap'em Up Madrid off.

The last thing Tottenham need is for a high profile sell such as Hugo!!

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