Into the last 16!

Last updated : 26 February 2016 By Hoggg

To summarise the whole game Spurs played the usual 4-2-3-1 formation, with Lloris, Trippier and Davies coming into defence. Mason was in for the injured Dembele, whilst Son was dropped o the bench for Lamela. Chadli was used as the lone striker (I hate that but it is what it is).


Man of the Match was Lamela, 2 shots 1 goal and put in a display all over the pitch (shame more couldn’t be said for his pass success (but we can’t have everything).


There was a definite early handball by Alonso which any other day could have resulted in a red card (hands went up and vaguely the ball was heading toward goal). In fact my only true issue with the game is that UEFA have crooks on the field as well as in the office! Dreadful throughout the game. In fact the only true yellow that was given was Tomovic, the others I question.


The opening goal I have to say a big well done for Mason! I have been voicing my frustration with him for over his below par performances for the past 2 days, but I had said he is coming back from injury and I hoped he picked up. The lead up to the goal was again some class play down the left with the ball finding its way to Alli. Now he manages to get a get pass off to Mason (which is pin point), but Astori not only comes in late, but also raises his leg to ensure that he Alli cannot get up and join play (my opinion a clear yellow).

Eitherway Mason did exceptionally well to run on drag the keeper out to his near post and slot the ball past the keeper to the far post.


Second goal was a great individual effort by Trippier with a driven cross into the 6 yard box and Gonzalo got to the ball before Alli and turned the ball into his own net. At which point I erupted with laughter due to my anger at the cheating by Fiorentina (diving, play acting and of course handling the ball).


The third goal was all Eriksen. He won the ball from a bad pass in the centre circle and with great trickery ran the ball toward the box passing off to the left. The almost non-existent Chadli (rightly so) took the shot and after a small scramble ends up at Lamela’s feet who then curled the ball around the keeper and to the far post.


All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the game, I feel we could and should have had more goals, but I am exceptionally angry by the fact that the Referee is a complete MUG and with decisions like yesterday should be banned from football along with the other crooks in the UEFA office!


Last 16 here we come, let’s hope that the English teams are kept separate for the next draw, I’m hoping for Valencia next round and remind the Neville’s what English football is about!




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