Konoplyanka Rejects Roma

Last updated : 29 January 2015 By Hoggg

Oleg Konoplyanka (father to Yevhen) has said that he expects his son to reject a move to Roma in favour of a summer move.

Sources in Italy have released his statement:

“He wants to stay [at Dnipro] and I think he will very probably remain here until his contract expires,” said Oleg Konoplyanka, according to Football Italia.

“He probably won’t sign the contract with Roma,” he added.

“What I can say is that Roma would really like him to sign it, but my son wants to stay at Dnipro until June and then leave."

In other words he wants a big payout and the only way for this to happen and for a Jan move is for Levy to pull off again what he did with Holtby.

Understandable Yehven see's the payday at the end of the season and does not want to write it off, so If Levy and Baldini agrees a contract now tie the player up, then Levy agrees a nominal fee.

Dnipro will hold out as long as they can for large sum, but once he has agreed a contract the buying club has all the power to negotiate a smaller fee or nothing come the summer.

The clock is ticking and I just hope that Levy does not remain consistent in his failure to tie up business quickly, otherwise its another big loss and another stupid act that should result in punishment for failure to do his job.

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