Konpolyanka Signature Confirmed

Last updated : 04 July 2015 By Hoggg

This seems like a HUGE loss for all Spurs fans. As we all know Seville cannot financially compete with the European clubs and it is likely the player will be on no more than £40k (based on previous comments from the Spanish club). 

A quick, skilful and goal scoring midfielder is something that Spurs are in great need of, something to take the strain off of Kane. So why have Tottenham not made an effort to sign him? 

Following the failed transfer to Liverpool there were reports that a move broke down due to ownership rights and a very complicated situation. It seems as if the transfer turned sour and the likelihood of it all was that Liverpool and Tottenham burnt their bridges with the agents. This may be due to no fault of their own, but this is one of few logical explanations as to why the 2 clubs did nothing to sign the player on a free. 

Personally again this shows the weak ambition at times. Konoplyanka would have  been a great signing, however is it that we should look at this a little more in-depth? 

The actual reasoning maybe more to do with who the club have and believe can do a job, pointing the finger to Pritchard. After a great season in the Championship it is likely that MoPo (given his track record) has reviewed Mitchell with Pritch’s video’s and believes we have exactly what we need? 

If this is the case I applaud MoPo as I have every faith in Alex, however Konoplyanka being in the squad would still have benefit the club dramatically.


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