Levy REFUSES to fully support his manager

Last updated : 03 September 2015 By Hoggg

To get it out of the way yes he has got a new stadium signed off and has begun to develop the surrounding area's, however success on the pitch is where Levy has been narrow minded.

In order to make money you must first make investments selling your investments to then reinvest is not what the big teams do. It now seems as though it is what the smaller teams have begun to do (just not Tottenham). The whole thing fell apart (whether we like it or not) when Redknapp was sacked. 

For the first time ever Tottenham were in the champions league and it was thanks to Harry (it looks as if Tottenham will never get this again if performances of recent are to base this on). Then we sold Bale or as a fan on TalkSport put it we sold our top of then range laptop for some typewriters (hilarious). Then we did not invest wisely in fact we thought it better to buy blind. We bought players without thinking about how or where to play them. You don't buy a player and do nothing to invest in getting the best out of them (Soldado and Lamela are HUGE examples of this).

Ever since Levy has failed to truly support his manager. You only have to look at the LONG LIST of excuses. The high profile ones were the Hazard transfer that was never followed up and the Willian deal that completely backfired (resulting in his move to Chelsea).

This transfer window was not too great for many clubs, but measuring the club against them is not fair.

The whole issue is that there were 2 key areas that have left the entire squad exposed. Attack and defensive midfield.

Whether it is admitted or not Tottenham have just 1 striker! I will not allow the club to do the same thing they did by saying Lamela was our attacker with Son! Both are a midfielder! Stop trying to cover up your mistakes apologise to the fans and then rectify the situation Levy, WE'RE NOT STUPID! It was made clear that Ade did not feature in MoPo's plans so to just add his now again shows pure stupidity. If you're told as a player you're dropped and then drafted back in due to failures in the market... are you going to work? NO. 

Why is Levy allowed to continue to bungle supposed plans? As a team we failed last season. You can say it is a transitional period, but to then fail to make the much needed transfers is an absolute joke.

Again yes Levy has completed 1/3 of his job in the stadium, but has failed on the other 2 fronts. Success is not coming off the pitch and it is about time Levy is held accountable for it.

In order to move forward Levy MUST do the following;

  1. Come out with the full Berahino transfer details, what was bid, when and how. He can then be judged fairly
  2. Support the manager in January

Levy concentrated on selling this season more than anything else and come the end of the season (a top 8 if lucky) he should change or resign.

Too many times Levy has been lucky. Does Lewis not understand that a failure on the pitch is failure as a club? Tottenham have not moved forward since Redknapp was sacked and in honesty the club has moved backwards. Losing VDV, Modric, Bale, Berbatov, Keane all when they were on top of their games set the club back and Levy has never got the club back from that.

Look at the squad now it is threadbare and poorly constructed. We have players that would not have even got onto the bench under Redknapp, players that it was made clear we don't want and players that don't seem to care. This was not the case under Redknapp. They say careful what you wish for and in this case it is very much the point!





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