Man City reaction

Whether you watched the game or not its not important, whats important is the stats. 

For the whole game we managed just 2 shots on target (one less than Wigan in our last loss at the Lane!). Our pass succession rate was a ridiculous 66%, but more worryingly 38% possession!

Ok now yet again folks this is not a witch hunt, but anyone can see that those figures are alarming no matter who you are playing against (these are more figures you'd expect on paper for a premier league side playing a championship side).

Why is it that fans are stating to give AVB a chance and the team some time. Well none of those comments come in to those sorts of stats. What I mean by this is that a team does not have to gel properly to produce a good pass succession rate, nor does this have to for possession, where you expect it to affect them is on the shooting and individual positioning etc (missing the finishing touches at the front and back).

This was seen very clearly on both of Man City's goals. If you compare it to Caulkers goal the defense were all over him and he just managed to sneak in. Our defense was more open than my local farmers field!

Yes we must be patient with the players learning the tactics and manager learning the players, but we cannot drop everything for highly paid players and staff that expect years to start performing to where they left off! I can understand if we finish in a close 5th again, but to drop is a huge disappointment. 

If the players aren't there (which if we are honest they aren't as no one has replaced VDV or Modric) than there is only 1 man to blame there and its not the manager or players. 

What we fans expect is a big apology for how poor it all is, that they will improve. Each time we lose we are fed the same rubbish (it was an unacceptable performance and we will bounce back). Well forgive me if I am wrong, but you were supposed to bounce back from the Wigan loss?!

All I expect is the manager to be honest and the players to put their hands up for the mistakes. Gallas has been dreadful, but he can still TALK's a good game (not enough). Friedel should have got something on Dzeko's goal it went right between his flapping arms, Dawson didn't have a clue he was there and Caulker just couldn't be bothered to follow his man. These are not mistakes that can be rectified by giving people time to adjust, they are mistakes made by people that have an off day or just aren't good enough. But these off day's are too often.

My thoughts are simple, come January Levy must dip back into his pockets to buy the players he should have in the summer. We lose far too many good players all the time (by waiting). We could have had Llorente (but waited and waited, now he'll go to a big club), Falcao we could have had him before he went to Porto, now we have no chance. Most recently we have Damiao, we could have got him 2 seasons ago (but Levy didn't like the €14million price tag), now he'll end up at Madrid or Willian who's been the star of the champions league that'll never come.

Its the same old thing, not taking the chances on and off the pitch. I have patience, but it is beginning to wear thin. I expect more from the players and more from the games. If we lose but play to the best of our ability fine, but as it stands they need to up their game all over the field.

I am still here though supporting and waiting for the good timesagain (like the Man Utd result)!

Come on you Spurs

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