It seems that we missed out on another great striker if ex player Gerry Armstrong is anything to go by!

According to ex Spurs striker Gerry Armstrong he came to Spurs about Michu 18 months ago (even worse he was available on a FREE!).

Ok so you may think that this is not important, however it was 18 months ago that he moved to Rayo Vallecano and went on to score 17 goals in La Liga (pretty much 1 every other game). Now this is by no means a small feet as this was his first season of such a high standard of football. 

Ok previous to this he had not scored many goals, but ex Newcastle defender Marcelino also sung the strikers praises and still no one listened.

Whether Michu continues to score or not, for £2million 13 goals in 18 appearances is a great value for money, just a shame its another name to hear we missed out on! And boy could we do with him!

Lets hope come January we have someone to sing praises for on coming to the Lane.

Come on you Spurs!!!!


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