MLS result highlights required transfers

Last updated : 30 July 2015 By Hoggg

Early hours of this morning saw Spurs take on the stars of the past and quote frankly struggle defensively.

Both goals came from unnecessary mistakes! Chadli was not even pressured into his rookie mistake of handling in the area (what his arms were doing there I have no idea). As for Kaka’s goal it was more lazy defending and a lack of positional awareness. Walker and Davies both can be singled out for a complete failure on all accounts there.

However it again highlights how much we rely on Kane and this is a concern that is yet to be addressed, if anything it’s about to be made worse! Ade is not welcome at the club and so is off to Villa, Soldado is being linked with a move away and yet Spurs have not done anything to tackle this HUGE issue. Links are all well and good, but where is the real work being done? Great to offload some names, but Spurs need to make a notable change to the squad which showed against the MLS All Stars. Chances are needed for the forwards to score and if there is one forward it becomes difficult for them.

With Kane scoring last night and being a SOLO goal, the rest of the team simply did not do enough. You can shout that it is only a friendly, however when it highlights a weakness something must be done to rectify it.

More creativity is needed in midfield, more support to link midfield to defence and assistance or cover for Kane. The defence has been looked at, which is great, but without the improvements needed in midfield and up front the club has not done its job.

I would like to see a capable addition for Bentaleb in DM (which may in fact release Eriksen to become more creative solving 2 problems), a capable winger leaving Chaldi, Lamela or Townsend as backup and a decent forward (not the ridiculous, dangerous, cheap option of Lambert).

A game against the MLS was a marketing campaign and I understand why it was done, this is why I am not too interested in the game itself, but more what it highlights.

Let’s hope that changes are made to squad fast enough to settle in before the season is too far under way!



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