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Last updated : 09 July 2015 By Hoggg

I have seen various reports on this and to be honest it's the same for every team outside of the top 4.

The most sensible report stated that Spurs are still in to sign Schneiderlin, but with this being unlikely up their efforts for McCarthy.

This would absolutely make sense to bring in another young English player into the team. However it is the class that the player brings that makes it a common sense transfer. McCarthy would be a better fit to play alongside Bentaleb. Now don't get me wrong Mason has played well, but the two seem to struggle when paired next to each other in midfield. Generally one will perform whilst the other won't. McCarthy would be a stronger option for the time being.

Wings for the team are just as important as any other. Both Lamela and Chadli have improved since last season, but there is a lot of inconsistency. So who would make sense to sign? Yannick Bolasie is well over priced (if sold at anything above £7m), Carassco is a risky option at £18m and Konoplyanka has almost completed his medical at Sevilla. So they options (compared to who we have been linked to are limited. Although I do not believe this to be an issue. Why not look at another Belgian and dip back into the Italian league? Dries Mertens would in fact be a great option. Napoli would unlikely be looking to sell the player, however he has scored double figures for the past 5 years, a seasoned international player and would link up very well with the existing Spurs squad. The other option is of course Kevin Mirallas (but again its another Belgian), so should we be looking at another English player? Maybe a wildcard in Nathan Redmond (part of the England U21 squad)? 

Finally we get to the spearhead of the team the forward line. Kane is a potent threat, however Spurs relied on him far too much. For me Berahino is the ideal option and he would be available for a good price. 20 goals in all competitions is a great addition to the squad currently playing in the EPL so would not need time to adapt. With the money previously wasted I cannot see Benteke ending up at WHL and all other options would fetch a hefty price tag from Europe somewhere. Although another wild card to throw in there, a player I am very keen on Jordan Rhodes. He has consistently scored 20+ goals in the Championship for the past 3 seasons and I cannot imagine a cheaper option with such a high return.

What are your thoughts on who Tottenham should look at?


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