Official Complaint to UEFA



Dear Mr Platini,

Following numerous published articles and televised conferences I would like to draw your attention to what I consider to be Real Madrid's attempt to Tap Up Gareth Bale.

As far as I am concerned or aware if an official member of staff of a football club is directly talking to or with an official squad member of another team without the clubs authority that they are breaking UEFA and FIFA regulations. 

Real Madrid's President and other representatives from Real Madrid are not following the rules set in place to protect clubs from illegal activity.

It is obvious that Tottenham have not given Real Madrid the authority to speak with Gareth Bale and therefore this is a direct breach/ break in regulations.

If you could explain to me what UEFA intend to do in reference to this as I would be very interested in publishing your response along with both clubs. 

Again as far as I aware a complaint can be made from an individual and I would like a clear and concise response on a matter that UEFA should have stepped in to quash weeks ago rather than allowing such activity to happen. This is not freedom of speech this is a deliberate attempt to tap a player up by publicly requesting that the player hands in a transfer request.

I eagerly await your response and highlight at this point that this letter is of public interest and ignorance will reflect very badly.

Each party involved in this matter have been copied into this email as we would like answers on this and what they intend to do to reactify this illegal approach.



Spurs Mad, Their Followers and Every Other Tottenham Fan


Do you think that this is a fair complaint? Are Real Madrid being allowed to break the rules. I would love to know if someone can clearly show proof that Real are not




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