Last updated : 13 January 2016 By Hoggg

Spurs are guilty of many things, but the most apparent is falling asleep at the back (having been saved a lot by Lloris) and the inability to build on positive attacks.


Only a goal by Huth separated the two teams.


The goal was some of the worst defending I have seen from any team all season as again Leciester undo Spurs with a set piece. A corner found Huth in what seemed like a pitch worth of his own space and cooly powered in a header across goal with Lloris helpless to save.


Early on Spurs looked like the were a team ready to push on for a top 4 spot, however they soon took their foot off the pedal and allowed Leciester into the game. Spurs had most of the possession again, but again Spurs hopelessly seemed to push forward only to back track even further with each attack.


The biggest disappointment of the game was the inclusion of Tom Carroll. I cannot see  what MoPo see's in this youngster. Lightweight, unconfident and generally uneasy on the ball. He was ineffective for the entire game and some how was not subbed off until very late in the game.


Eriksen, Lamela and Kane all having chances that should of been scored, but the biggest chance fell to Kane. Lamela somehow came through a crowd of players and thread the ball onto Kane who broke the offside trap and hit a ball that hit the underside of Schmeichel and bounced up onto the bar (easier to score).


Lamela was head and shoulders above all of the Spurs players, appearing everywhere on the pitch. Most of the lead up play or attempted assists fell to him and it was others that let us down.


I also have to say that Walker needs to be trained how to defend again, a little bit of pressure from Vardy on a routine back-pass was again messed up and Lloris came out fast and got down well to claw the ball from under Vardy's feet.




Lloris is the best keep this side of the millennium for Spurs, the back 4 in general need to stay alert and watch their men throughout andTom Carroll needs to go and is nowhere near strong/ good enough for Spurs. We need backup for Eriksen as he dips in and out of games too much and if Alli's head isn't in it he doesn't play. Without a midfield to play well and create Kane drops and leaves the box empty.


It's not the be all and end as Spurs still sit in 4th, however the Spanners are right behind Spurs 1 point a drift.


This transfer window Spurs truly need a leader if Dembele is not going to be fit. If there are concerns then MoPo needs to act VERY quickly,


A striker is needed, it is CRYSTAL clear that Son is NO striker, he drops too deep in the build up and is not strong enough to lead a line.


For me an experienced defensive midfielder and a striker are KEY and without them Spurs are likely to struggle.


Its an easy bounce back for Spurs against Sunderland and if they fail there its the same old same old struggle in the second half of the season where Levy does NOTHING to back the club and push them on for top 4 finish.


Let's hope history does not repeat itself AGAIN (for what feels like the hundredth time)! 


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