Pulis is a Hypocrite

Last updated : 28 August 2015 By Hoggg

Pulis states that Tottenham are treating Saido as a lump of meat, however WBA are taking the same stance on this. Firstly Peace clearly states that the offer is not high enough and that it should not be a staggered payment (forgetting that their approach for Fazio is only £5million and staggered).

He believes he has the players best interest at heart, but yet Pulis is not happy to take Saido's wishes into account, whether he agree's with Saido's wishes or not. By denying the player his dream move they are not thinking of the player, but rather their own selfish agenda.

Football is a business, if it was not wages or transfer fee's would not be negotiated. WBA the same as any other EPL team tap players up, push through transfer etc etc.

Nowadays when a player wants to leave the only thing a club can do is do right by their club. If that means negotiating a high price thats down to them, but they must bear in mind the team and the effect it has on them.

For any football fan they want all their best players to stay to enable them to grow into a bigger team, but whilst there is a team bigger out there this will always happen. Even in the U.S. where they have drafts there is still such a problem (NFL and NBA).

While Pulis may want the best for his players, he still has his own agenda and the clubs at heart. I and Tottenham did not want Modric or Bale to leave, but they did. You may not wish to admit it, but they player then grew by making the step up (Champions league annually shows this). WBA cannot offer what Tottenham can, whilst Tottenham cannot offer what Real Madrid can, its not nice to think about it but it is fact.

I would rather this be taken into context and remember this is always about your club, don't come out and make it about honour, fairness, what's right as it is all about perspective.

Whilst there is money involved there is never a situation where all cards are out, everyone has a hidden agenda. Peace makes this very clear in that what he is actually saying is bid the right price and the player is yours. Tottenham and Berahino's agent may have spoken, but in theory WBA should not have made Tottenham's bid public if they have no interest in entertaining any offer.

Let's quickly move past the smoke screens, hidden agenda's and BS and let's take everything on face value. A player wants to leave for money and progression. If he feels the current club don't offer it someone can show more ambition with a simple flash of the cheque book.

Pulis needs to grow up in his childish approach that only he can offer Berahino the right treatment and career. MoPo is famous for raising kids into what seems like seasoned pro's. Pulis has not grown a reputation on this, so in that sense as a player I know where my heart would lay.

Let's just forget about the utter rubbish of banding slanderous comments and acusations about and let's get down to brass taxes... How much do WBA want to Berahino as the player wants to leave... Damage limitation.

I hope that the situation is resolved quickly and that everyone can go about their true daily business.



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