Save the club SACK LEVY

Last updated : 29 January 2015 By Hoggg

Levy has time and time again allowed a bad situation to fester and build.

As a chairman you are in charge to help the club progress on and off the field. Levy had brought in a new manager brilliant. He allowed some players to be bought great, but now he has his head in the sand.

At a time when it is obvious that the entire team has struggled since the start of the season without a reliable striker. Up steps Kane who has been amazing, his best season to date, however he is now tired and finding it difficult (thus not scoring and making the wrong decisions).

Levy is more interested in the stadium and other facilities work than sorting the issue at hand. 

Why is this you ask, because Tottenham is being touted about for sale. Levy has a great misconception that a new stadium and facilities is what makes the club worth the amount expected, however he has a massive exclusion in his ideas.

In order for a club to be worth the money ENIC want they must be regulars in the champions league. 

At present there are issues being highlighted by the recent struggles against lesser teams. 

Levy is not doing his job and under football whoever is not doing their job should be sacked. Levy is doing bits and pieces here, when the overall club development should be hand in hand with the on pitch success. Levy has lacked this with failing to invest at the right time and again he is doing it for the 5th or 6th season where he fails to follow through on his job.

For me thank you Levy for getting us to where we are, but now you are struggling to step up like you accused the past managers and players. We had invested heavily in the right players and right managers with the experience to get us to where we need. Now Levy is failing on transfers, is struggling on the stadium and on the pitch we are highly unpredictable. So Levy must be next to go and get a chairman in with some experience!

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