Season Review

Last updated : 04 January 2016 By Hogg

We have seen the reemergence of Kane (not the one hit wonder that many said he was!).

Lloris, convinced to stay by MoPo has been a consistent figure and a thorne in most strikers side. Producing saves at the opening of the games and dying minutes.

We have seen Davies start to settle and put in some great displays, along with Rose who has possibly become the considered starting left back. Vertonghen and Alderweireld are now the supposed centre back pairing of the premier league. Only 16 goals against the team (the lowest in the league) you can understand why they are deemed as the best pairing. Walker has looked liked the right back that we had hoped he would turn into (getting forward well, defending well).

The emergence of Dier as possibly one of England's most promising (if not the most) defensive midfielder. So much so that he has been called up into the England squad. 

Alli the most promising player to emerge from England, scoring world class goals and winning deserved MOTM awards.

Lamela has moved on and looked like he could become a regular player and look like a player worth over £10million. Some great displays, but yet to find his consistency.

Eriksen has had some great displays, but has fallen off of recent, but maybe just seems tired.

Dembele (until injury) was looking like a player of the season. Great goals and impossible to knock off the ball. If he continues the larger teams will come knocking for him. He has changed his play to midfield dynamo and finally a replacement for Modric.

The signing of Son (a big name from the Bundesliga), Pritchard (a Championship player in team of the year) yet to feature, Wimmer a young strong cenre back who looks capable of an understudy to Toby and Jan.

MoPo has installed fight back into the team, raised the physical level in the squad, had players competing for their places! So much so that last seasons favourites (Bentaleb and Mason) have fallen out of favour (admittingly due to injury).

In all just 2 losses in so far is a tremendous feat, however you cannot help (as any true fan) but lack back in anger at the undeserved draws. 

What does this show us though?

This month we should see MoPo push the team forward. Finally buy that striker that is needed to take the pressure off of Kane, I still feel that a suitable left midfielder is needed and importantly we need someone to replace Vorm (who has never seem the player that left Swansea).

Its the second best start to a Premier League campaign and if MoPo can continue to push the team in the right direction he will proper himself to battle the likes of Redknapp and of course the great Bill Nicholson. 

What do I want to see?

I want to see more positive attacking football, that results in the support of Kane. More consistent concentration (to help our defence be the best in the league for the 2015-16 season). 

Just remember a true fan is never happy, even the Leicester fans will have something to moan at! Whats important as a fan is to engage with one another, talk about the disappointments, but more importantly enjoy the highs that I hope we continue with this season.

Heres to a better second half to the season and a hope of another Champions League finish.




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