Sluggish Spurs get a point

Last updated : 04 October 2015 By Hoggg

The game started badly with a poor defending by the whole back 4. Walker the largest culprit who simply did not have a clue how to play the role of a fullback (moving completely away into a central position and leaving Montero). It followed by poor marking of one of the smallest players on the pitch and allowing him to head into the Tottenham goal. The second was again poor marking and a poorly organised defence. Kane has not been himself this season and the panic stricken lash at the ball (completely unopposed, that was covered by Lloris) has sent echoes into the league. Kane's confidence is shot to pieces and this is ever apparent. He is refusing to shoot at the obvious opportunities, shooting at the wrong ones and it really is a concern (more so with Son injured and not another striker available).

I was screaming so much for Kane to shoot and he was skipping past the defenders, opening the space up and then moving forward and then passing the ball on? The Kane that saved Tottenham's season has disappeared. I don't know where he has gone or when he will come back, but the longer he second guesses every chance, every step, every thought the worse his season is going to get.

However I cannot dwell on Kane's struggle right now, that will come later. 

For me today was a wasted opportunity to climb up the table by simple decisions.

For me Chadli does not deserve a spot in the team, Lamela was substituted very early into the second half and at this point you could see that the game changed. Leaving Chadli on the pitch meant that Tottenham's game was narrow and far too narrow. The sensible option was to leave Lamela on take Chadli off and keep the pace and passion on the pitch. However bringing Townsend on seemed to have an adverse effect on the game. He was skipping past defenders with ease and then failing to deliver a cross. He was in a position to pass and selfishly shot. I do not remember a time where I thought Townsend did something right. According to Sky Townsend played as well as Lamela, but I do not believe that Erik made anywhere near the amount of poor decisions Andros did, but then I do not believe that Chadli did anything for me to get frustrated over.

I realise its easy for me to slate the players, its easy to say who didn't perform, the chances missed, but when they are so apparent you have to pick at these things.

Ok let's move onto the big positives of today.

Starting at the back Lloris made some outstanding saves. At the tail end of the game he remained composed to deny Fernandez a clear opportunity and with a finger tip pushed the ball onto the bar. Dier was strong and ever present but was third best in the midfield (but should remember a defensive midfield position is an unsung position). Alli was a close second MOTM for me. He was involved in everything in attack and it seemed like he put in a great shift at the back too. Clearing chances, moving forward with the ball, creating space and forcing a great save from Fabianski in the final third. Now onto Eriksen The saviour, the driving force. He was not ever present, he did not do the gritty work, but when it really counted he stepped up and took his chances. That is what Spurs need, someone that is reliable, someone that can step up and be counted. I applaud Eriksen for standing up to be counted, as a midfielder yes you must put in a shift at the back and front, but where he let's himself down on his defensive duties he made up for it with his 2 goals.

MoPo has a lot to think about when setting his team out next game. I feel Chadli has to be dropped and hopefully Son will be fit to drop into his slot. I'm sorry but I hear Chadli has to play as he scores, but he has failed to set the world alight and has only managed a goal against Hull.

You have to push for excellence and although Kane has not performed great we simply have to push on with him (as our only striker). Midfield has to perform at its best in order to best support Kane. We need for him to stop dropping deep to get involved. He must be given better support and our shape needs to remain.

Not the best of games today, not the best team performance, but we come away with a point.

Let's hope that MoPo can get it right against a struggling Liverpool side in around 2 weeks.



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