Sour Grapes Soton threaten Spurs Move

Last updated : 05 July 2015 By Hoggg

The key parts of the agreement that have been made public is that Southampton could have paid £6.8million to make Toby's move permanent. At no stage had Southampton attempted to tie this up within the loan period, which seems ludicrous. Toby has played outstanding for the Saints throughout the season and given the GREAT cut price it is ridiculous that they have made no effort to take advantage of this.


Spurs have made their interest known and still Southampton did nothing to activate their option.


Atletico had in the agreement that they can pay Southampton a fee believed to be £1.5m if they wish to cancel the agreement (something Saints say has been broken). However what remains to be said is that Southampton should have tied this up months ago.


Now they will be in a position where they will attempt to block the players move (who has come out and said that he would love to play alongside Vertonghen).


For me on a personal note if Spurs where in this position I would be bemoaning the club in their failure to tie up the deal before his loan agreement finished, however the boot is on the other foot and from a Spurs side of things I cannot understand how or why Southampton can make the legal threats mentioned.


For me Southampton failed, but at any stage Atletico can cancel, they wish to get top £ for their player and rightly so. I feel its too little too late and Southampton fans should be shaking their heads in disbelief.


Time will tell how this stupid situation will unfold but for me I think it's down to the club owning the player to make a decision and stick to it. No one has broken an agreement if anything Southampton have failed their fans and the player by taking too long to make an obvious decision.


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