Spurs linked powerful and speedy winger

Last updated : 24 July 2015 By Hoggg

Firstly I would like to state for the record, Pardew simple wants to keep Bolasie and hopes that a ridiculous price tag will put everyone off the Congo International.

However looking at the stats Bolasie is not worth bidding for based on our current left midfielder.

A direct comparison shows that Bolasie scored 7 goals less than Chadli, created 4 more chances than Chadli and 1 more assist. 

Based on this Bolasie is an overpriced individual that is unlikely to offer any more to Spurs than Chadli.

For all Spurs fans you have to look at the common sense behind MoPo to understand that this link really isn't worth paying attention to.

The likes of West Ham are welcome to him, if again they are even interested (likely with Downing moving on).

There are a lot better options out there for Tottenham that would improve the squad far more than Bolasie so the sooner this rumour is put to bed the better.


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