Spurs make shock move.

Last updated : 13 September 2015 By Hoggg

This move may seem to make sense to Spurs however to all Spurs fans it shows not only short sightedness but a lack of ideas of the term team.

Ok Ade has been a "nightmare" at times but with a complete failure to land a striker in the summer shows that people within the club should retract their original statements and offer an opportunity for redemption.

Someone please show me when a club has successfully gone through a season (improving on last season) with one striker within their squad!

The youth players are not ready to make a step up and I am fed up with the BS excuses that we have signed Son as a striker (who does not play as a striker).

The club have failed on a huge level with this move. Not only does it shock me, but sickens me as to the stupidity within the club.

Kane is notably struggling within the Tottenham team (only) as their is no proper team.

The club players without thinking if they fit within the tactics and without making improvementa to the squad. The immediate resurrgance of Soldado shows the level of cluelessness at the club as he has notched up 2 goals and an assist in his first two games!

I am concerned for the club (not it's idiotic board and staff), the players (as their concerns will be just as high) and fans.

Tottenham have a distinct hidden problem and Levy has allowed the issues to be compounded. Building a stadium whilst you allow the team to crumble and fail does not make you a genius. It's makes you a footballing imbecile. A club is a business as long as it doesn't fail on the pitch and at the moment there is a long way to go if it is to be turned around.

Levy must act as a chairman and support the manager he is supposed to trust to do his job. If that means paying more than £5million up front for a player he manipulated into a social outburst (in hoping of securing a move) then grow a pair and do it! If not GET OUT! Feel free to contact menLevy if you would like to explain your reasoning and how you believe you can resolve this hogggatspursmad@hotmail.com.


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