Spurs scrap a win, but weakness shown

Last updated : 22 January 2015 By Hoggg

Anyone watching Tottenham last night would have surely watched on with a surprised look. A surprise in how bad a regular top 6 EPL side struggled against a League 1 side.

There's no defence for how poor the team were. They were inconsistencies across the pitch from a faltering Eriksen and Kane, to a Davies struggling with everything attack from Campbell Ryce. But even worse was the ludicrous (I do not use this word lightly) idea of starting Adebayor let alone giving him the captaincy!

MoPo is as much to blame as the team as he set the formation and players! How is this day and age is the captaincy given so lightly? It used to be that it was given to a player respected by the players and could lead against any opposition. Someone please explain to me how any of these traits are seen in Adebayor? He doesn't even respect the people that pay his wages (the fans) let alone people he is forced to play with?

I am again left disgusted with a lack lustre performance that I would expect of a League 1 side.

I mean no disrespect to Sheffield as they played very well (only losing to a piece of fate).

The team has been found out on several occasions but none quite as embarrassing as last night.

The problem is for every player Bar Kane and Lloris. Walker I let off as he has just returned to fitness, but where's the rest of the teams excuse?

Soldado can on and changed the game in minutes (that's fact). Kane had an off day (not a problem), but Eriksen is inconsistent which I expect more of! Danish player of the year, Tottenham man of the match, then disappears for 2-3 games.

Don't feel I blame it all on him and don't feel that I have overlooked a solid performance from Stambouli (who made it difficult for the Blades and broke up their play). But all in all their were 11 players on the pitch, Townsend wasted numerous good positions for selfish shots. Our defence may not have conceded but we didn't concede through luck and a lack of quality on occasions from a League 1 side.

For me the jury is out on the squad and has been for some time. A decent result against Chelsea covered the cracks only to lose against Palace and struggle against Sunderland. I hear about character and grit, but where was that last night?

The issues that used to affect one or two players now effect 9 out of 11 players (if Lloris and Kane start). It is inconsistency. I want to know how this will be handled! We moan about Soldado but his struggle is shown as the teams inability to adapt and play for more than one game at a time.

For me play the youngsters Mason has shown that pure determination makes up for the joke displays that we have witnessed by seasoned internationals.

People moan at the Booing squad but to be honest I'm surprised there's not more!

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