Spurs scrape for all 3 points

Last updated : 14 September 2015 By Hoggg

 Within the opening minutes Tottenham were unfairly turned away for a direct and clear penalty. It was just as surprising as pundit choose to ignore the most obvious penalty claim throughout the game! With Kane the likely taker we would have seen him likely open his account.

Spurs were denied a further email when Vertonghen was clearly fouled again from a good free kick from Son. Jones was not only all over Jan but made no effort to disguise his short pulling and leaning into Jan to get well above him (ending in Jones clearing the free kick). Another likely scenario for Kane to have opened his account.
Sadly that was all Spurs fans had to speak about. I was scratching my head and wondering what MoPo could possibly do to change the game. I don't believe Spurs even notched up one shot on target.
For Sunderland fans there was far more to talk about as they stretched Spurs and had clear cut opportunities. The best chance fell to Defoe who found it easy to break free of the back four and raced down one on one with Lloris only to be denied by the post.
The second half was not much better for Tottenham. Kaboul was made to look good and even pushed forward on the left himself testing the Spurs defence.
Defoe was truly the best striker on the pitch and you could say put Kane to shame, however it would be unfair on the youngster as the team stuttered and Kane found himself in the same situation that Soldado found (isolated and having to drop too deep to get involved).
It was the introduction of Lamela and Townsend that was the shocking difference.
Andros injected the much needed pace into the game and gave Sunderland more problems in 5 minutes of being on than the ineffective Chadli.
Kane and Lamela combined well and it was Lamela putting a in deft pass to Mason. Although Mason had just a little bit of work to do he made sure that the ball ended up in the back of the net.
Dier was good in the middle, however I am still unsure if he was Man of the Match (sorry Eric).
Son played well, but like most of the team lacked the final touch, notably when he got the ball caught under his feet with a relatively open goal in front of him.
Hopefully with confidence behind them the team can keep the momentum going with Palace set to visit this weekend.


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