Striker deal imminent?

Last updated : 20 January 2015 By Hoggg

To look at the gossip sensible Tottenham will not run the risk of selling a striker unless they have a replacement tied up. I would expect to see a transfer in come in way before a sale.

MoPo said it himself in that he doesn't expect to see much movement. However if you read more into this it’s likely that he sees no movement as he will need replacements for most of the players that could go out.

Soldado may be linked with a move from WHL, but MoPo would never sell him and leave the club with just 2 strikers (or 1 and Ade). You could argue that Lamela could be used in that position, but MoPo won't and hasn't used Erik like that to date (so that is your simple answer).

Also these rumours surfaced after Ade came out and stated he is not leaving. Again Spurs are finding it difficult to agree a deal for him to leave and find a suitable replacement. Doing this in January is very difficult as 1. Ade on his day is unbeatable and 2. The January market is overpriced. So to have a "suitable" replacement means you must sign the likes of Berhino for £10m (which will never happen).

As it stands the club will have £5m to play with (following Naughton’s sale), so unless Spurs can agree to sign a striker for £5m and swap him for Ade I cannot see anything happening up front in Jan. Spurs can afford to sell Naughton and a midfielder (Capoue has been mentioned), but Spurs are highly unlikely to see any movement up front in terms of transfers, unless Levy can recover his once great bargaining powers. Maybe buy a striker and include Ade as part of 6 month loan in the deal (he gets his match fitness

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