Super Spurs to Hot for City

Last updated : 14 February 2016 By Hoggg

Ok as a true Spurs fans there is always something to moan about, however today.... I don't feel it would be fair.

Back to front and to the back again there was not a player for Tottenham that you could rate under 7. A solid back 4 with just 2 mistakes all game (Walker leaving his man for the cross and the lack of organiseation for Iheanacho to score).

Lloris pulled off some superb saves, Walker and Rose operated well going forward and back, but Wimmer and Toby were almost telepathic with their display today. The midfileld of Dier and Dembele were solid, defending and linking the forward line (Yaya was kept well out of the game). Eriksen and Dele were present in most of the attacks and of course Kane scoring the important penalty did his job well. Ok Son.. not his best game.

Even Lamela came on put in a superb run, drawing 4 players to him allowing Eriksen the time to run through onto Erik's nutmeg and slot easily past Hart.

However watching the highlights it does not dor justice to Spurs 75 minutes of complete domination.

Of course there are are some talking points, but importantly there were some bigger game changers that went for City (yes Pellegrini you didn’t pay attention to these poor decisions that went for you!!).

For the opening 20 minutes there were 2 City players that should have got 2 yellows and walked. Fernando and the poor/ ineffective Yaya (it is likely a reason as to why there was no question in Clattenberg's mind as to the penalty). It was shocking to see that the first yellow went to Dier for his first offence! Fernando and Yaya came through the backs of 2 Spurs players and not even an eyebrow raised from Clattenberg, so if anything I feel hard done by!

Onto the penalty. Could Clattenberg see what happened? Unlikely no. However if you go by letter of the law……

Sterling lifts his elbow backwards which gains him and advantage as it does stop the ball from going through to goal. It was like watching a chicken attempt flight. Sterling poorly turns his back (infant school they teach you not to do that), but he then almost does well to disguise the lift of the elbow, which means that the ball nestles in between the underside of the back of his arm and his back. So letter of the law did he lift his arm into the flight of the ball? Yes. Does it stop the ball going through into the goal? Yes. Is it an unfair advantage? Yes. It all points to a penatly, letter of the law. I know that many have said not but the camera from behind the goal shows the ball flight is changed due to the raising of the arm.

Being the opposition you of course would hate to concede thta type of penalty, but again on the flip side City were lucky not to be down by 2 men.

What angers me though is the complete lack of awareness from Pellegrini of the game or his opponents, he states that City were the better team and should have won! Hang on, yes I have just wet myself with laughter!

In complete denial he states that City were the better team? How? I know he is getting on a bit, but surely his eyesight is not that bad? Let's have a look at the key 8 stats of the game:

Possession 54% (City 46%)

Passing 82% (City 78.75)

Dribbiling 66% (City 57%)

Recoveries 69 (City 63)

Tackles 80% (City 77%)

Interceptions 23 (City 16)

Blocks 8 (City 1)

The one thing of importance that City won was Aerial Duals which was 60.7% over Spurs 39.3%. I think it shows a complete lack of professionalism and class by the Chilean, not to address that Spurs completely out played his team. It shows that the pressure has got too much for the man on his way out.

Anyway stats and results speak for themselves, 2-1, dominated the game (better than City on 7 of the 8 important stats) and now Tottenham are a realistic contender for the title.

Anyone disagree?

Let me know your thoughts on where Spurs are, where you feel they will be come the end of the season and whether MoPo deserves Manager of the year (given that after two season he is now £15million up on transfers (yes he's really only sold and made the team fight for their places).


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