Harry Winks Reveals What Jos Mourinho Told Him to Win His Place in Spurs Team

​Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Harry Winks has revealed that manager José Mourinho told him to "train harder" to win back his place in the starting lineup.

After struggling for a look-in in Mourinho's first few games, there were rumours that Winks could be sold in the near future, but the Englishman has since regained a spot in the team and started the last ten games in all competitions for Spurs.

Harry Winks

He now appears to be a core part of Mourinho's plans, and Winks confessed (via the ​Daily Mail) that the boss has managed to push him to a different level in the last few months.

"I had an honest chat with the manager and he told me what he believed I needed to do," said Winks. "It was just an honest conversation, which I respect massively. It started with training.

"I just think my whole level and just the intensity as well, which I said to the manager that I agree. Since we had that conversation things have improved and I have been playing more and it is important that I keep those levels and intensity because I want to stay in the team."

So, in other words, he was told to stop slacking if he wanted to keep his job. Shock.


Whatever Mourinho said, it certainly appears to have benefited Winks. He has had to work harder defensively (because that's all Mourinho asks for), but Winks still believes that players of his ilk are criminally underrated.

"Everybody always talks about players like Paul Scholes, Michael Carrick...people like Michael Carrick get a lot of recognition after they retire and they are more players' players as such," he said. 

"Every team needs goalscorers, needs attacking players, needs players who can sweep up the ball, but every team needs that someone who can be that link between both defence and attack.

Harry Winks

"If you look at the greatest teams who have played they have always that sort of player. I think in England especially there is always an impetus to look straight for the attack-minded players, to look at the goalscorers and the people who get the assists."

Comparing himself to Scholes is pretty bold, but hey ho, you've got to respect the optimism.

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Source : 90min