Jol's in Euro-dreamland

Last updated : 05 January 2006 By Editor

Spurs kept up their hunt for a Champions League spot, reported The Sun. Martin Jol said after the game, "We always have to believe that we can stay in fourth place."

But he added in The Times: "I’ve always said that the top four teams in England — Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool — will be in the top four at the end of the season and I still believe that. They are the ones with the strong squads and they are the ones who finish there year after year.

"We have a strong team even with a couple of injuries to deal with. We played well in the first half and Robbie Keane got the second goal to kill them off. To do that against Manchester City is a very good thing."

"We want to play European football and if we go on like this we should be aiming for the top six. But you never know. If we have 40 points in the first week of January it is a dream. This must be the first time in a decade we have 40 points in January and I am delighted."

"We are now 12 points in front of Newcastle and have a big lead over Manchester City, so in that sense we are doing pretty well. We are getting better and better," said Jol in The Daily Mail.