Jose Mourinho compares himself to a rocket scientist & confesses his love of 'Mourinistas'

The international break has a funny way of making everyone go a little crazy, and it seems as though Jose Mourinho has fallen into that very trap.

The Tottenham boss is undoubtedly one of the greatest to ever step into a dugout, although his recent lack of success has left people questioning his methods and wondering whether he has what it takes to survive in the modern game.

For Mourinho, the criticism is nothing new, and he told a club event that he doesn't even care about all the hate as he only draws on the support of his own little cult to keep him going.

"Honestly, I get my strength from myself, but mainly from the people that I love and the people that I know, they love me, even if many of them I don't know them," Mourinho said (via Sky Sports News). "I have never met them.

"I used to call them the 'Mourinistas' because in Portugal we use these 'inistas' in the end of the name of the club that we love to express to supporters.

"So, for example, if you are from Porto, you say Portista, if you are from Benfica, you say Benfikista. And if you are from Mourinho, we say 'Mourinista'. And I have so many more 'Mourinistas' around the world that I, I play for them."