Test Event Delays Could Prevent Tottenham From Playing in Their New Stadium Until February

​Tottenham are set to face another setback in the opening of their brand new stadium and could be forced to wait as long as February before they can play their first matches there.

The unveiling of the new stadium was originally set to take place at the start of the 2018/19 season, but numerous construction delays have pushed that date back. Tottenham have been eyeing a home fixture against Manchester United on January 13 as the preferred first fixture at their new home, but that has now been cast into doubt.

Aerial view of the New Home Stadium Of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

According to ​The Times​Tottenham are required to carry out a number of test events before they can be awarded with an official safety certificate for the stadium.

Whilst they are preparing to welcome 6,000 supporters to the stadium for a tour on Sunday, they are finding it increasingly difficult to fit in the larger events between now and the fixture against ​Manchester United.

Test events were scheduled for December 30 and January 6, but that first date is proving to be problematic due to a lack of available staff. The London derby between Chelsea and Crystal Palace is already set to take place on that date, stretching the already the police force's available resources.

The next home match after the visit of Manchester United is against Watford in January 30th. This fixture could also prove to be a sticking point as it is on the eve of transfer deadline day, which could end up pushing the opening back to February 2nd.

As it stands, the club have not publicly announce their plans for home matches beyond their Premier League fixture against Wolves on December 29.

Source : 90min