Tottenham Fans Stunned by New Stadium at Special Familiarisation Event Including Magic Pints

Tottenham Hotspur hosted a 'fan familiarisation' event on Monday for 6,000 lucky supporters who won the chance to take a look around the club's brand new stadium before it's official opening.

The 'Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium', which as yet remains un-named, may be several months late and still has no fixed date for the official opening, but fans marvelled at what the near future will hold upon being given special access to the south stand to see what's what.

A Twitter user by the name of Ergo shared a video panning around the interior, declaring "I can’t convey the sheer scale and majesty of this place."

It seems safe to say that those who went along were bowled over by the place. Perhaps the long wait has been worth it after all.

One of the other fascinating things that gained traction on social media was the pints of beer that fill up from the bottom, as if by magic, in the bars. Those pints will apparently cost £4, cheaper than in many city centre bars across the country, especially in London.

The 62,062 seat stadium will be ​second largest in the Premier League, behind only Old Trafford, when it does start hosting games, with more Spurs fans able to support their team on a matchday than rivals Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City.

Spurs played their last game at White Hart Lane in May 2017 when they beat Manchester United. The stadium had to be vacated to allow it to be knocked down so that the adjacent new stadium could finish being built.

Source : 90min