Tottenham Players React on Social Media After Sealing Historic Champions League Final Spot

​Moments such as the one we witnessed at Anfield on Tuesday night don't occur all that frequently, so when Tottenham produced their own miracle just 24 hours later few knew even how to react.

The sheer magnitude of the achievement sent ripples throughout the footballing world and yet again this sport tore up any potential script and tossed it into the furnace of expectancy.

Well, one thing we can be sure of in this day and age is that any subsequent reactions to historical moments will be captured on social media shortly after.

Ajax played Bob Marley's 'Three Little Birds' during the half time break at the Johan Cruyff Arena, but Spurs players opted for a different musical legend to express their unbridled joy at the full time whistle. The players naturally celebrated wildly, as they rightfully should have. 

Here are some of the best reactions:

​​A communal rendition of the song that one annoying bloke with a guitar plays at the back of the on his first big live 'gig' was their song of choice. Well, why not? 

None of us will ever know the feelings these players are going through, plus there is every chance it could be a tradition as such. Perhaps they opted to sing 'Wonderwall' purely out of spite after seeing off ​Manchester City in the quarter-finals. Who knows, but they certainly enjoyed themselves.

Victor Wanyama was, in fairness, probably ​Spurs' worst player on the night but he evidently didn't care tuppence (would you?) showing himself, the hat trick hero and Moussa Sissoko going crazy in the dressing room.

The aforementioned Sissoko also took part in filming his side's version of the Oasis classic, which, in the case of the Frenchman, can only be called a version, as he mumbled his way through the verses quite hilariously.

Given his three goal heroics, Lucas Moura was naturally lauded by his teammates after the game, humorously being doused in water as the Brazilian was 'on fire'.

Jubilation was prevalent throughout the Spurs fanbase and, no matter what your views are on Tottenham, everyone associated with football in any way will have been warmed to see Glen Hoddle jumping for joy at the winning goal.

Having survived a heart attack back in October, all were over the moon to see the former England and Spurs boss return to punditry. He showed no indication it had ever happened on Wednesday, celebrating hysterically after Moura's winner.

Oh, and spare a thought for the Tottenham fan who left the game of half time...

No, wait.

Spare no thoughts for the 'supporter' who left the stadium with the aggregate score at 3-0. This man is quite simply a fool beyond recognition, completely unaware that the sport he was watching was indeed football and that this season's ​Champions League has been, well, this season's Champions League. Well played, sir.

Source : 90min