Twitter reacts as another name is scratched off Tottenham's managerial shortlist

Tottenham's managerial shortlist is beginning to look like your mum's weekly shopping list as she wheels her trolley into the last aisle of a supermarket.

It was recently revealed that Daniel Levy was hoping to appoint a new permanent boss at the club before the end of the season - and that was after 5% of the population had ruled themselves out of the running.

Brendan Rodgers, Julian Nagelsmann and Erik ten Hag have all fallen by the wayside, with the latter of the three extending his deal with Ajax.

What could possibly be so unappealing about Spurs right now? Well...

If you needed to take a test before you were allowed to become a football fan, chances are there would be one question and it would be 'do you have the ability to overreact and make rash statements which you'll probably later think were stupid?'.

And it's fair to say Levy received the majority of the abuse following the announcement Ten Hag had extended his deal with Ajax.

However, could it be that it was in fact Spurs who decided to walk away from the deal? Despite reports that Levy was the one who pulled the plug on the move, it does seem very 'well I never liked you anyway some I'm not bothered'.

So, with Ten Hag the latest name to be thrown on the scrapheap, Levy needs to regroup if he's to achieve his target of appointing a new boss before the end of the Premier League season.

As luck would have it, the good people of Twitter weren't shy with handing out a few pointers for the Spurs chairman...

Regardless of why the deal broke down, it looks like it's back to the drawing board for Levy and co. as they look to appoint their new boss within the next three weeks.

Source : 90min