Cardiff City 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0

Last updated : 17 January 2007 By SpursMAD

Martin Jol: "In the first half we couldn't score, in the second half we had two chances but if you look at the last five minutes, they could have nicked it because they had someone spare at the far post.

"It wasn't easy, they were quite lively up front, had a good target man in Chopra, they worked hard but we did the same and that was pleasing. In the FA Cup we needed a clean sheet and then score a goal, we couldn't do that so this was the second best result.

"It was a typical afternoon to go out of the FA Cup and that's what happened to us at Leicester last season so I was pleased it didn't happen again."

"Calum Davenport has played very well over the last couple of games. Every time he has filled in he has been good.

"It was a very rainy Sunday afternoon in Cardiff! We kept a clean sheet, that was a positive thing.

"We said before the game that we would have to match them in effort, you saw what happened to Sheffield United on Saturday at home to Swansea. Our attitude was perfect.

"We battled, the pitch was heavy and we couldn't score. We had three or four good opportunities, but couldn't score, so I was pretty satisfied with not conceding. It was not easy."

Paul Robinson: "It was a typical old fashioned 3rd round cup tie with terrible weather conditions but overall we were pleased to get out with a result.

"The goal wasn't threatened that much, they played reasonably well without creating too many problems - as we did. We didn't play particularly badly, but we didn't create much and I can't imagine that it was the best game to watch for the supporters.

"At the end of it all we got a result. I think the longer the game went on they accepted a replay and we weren't committing too many forward because we were happy with it as well.

"The wind and rain were terrible, it was very difficult to see with the rain swirling in the wind. The first half was particularly difficult because we were up the hill against the wind so when we got to half-time at 0-0 we knew we would have a better chance in the second half. We played better and had more of the game then."

Robbie Keane: "Everything (injury wise) was fine thankfully. The most important thing was for us not to lose and that was the case."

Michael Dawson: "We got exactly what we expected at Ninian Park. We knew beforehand about the atmosphere and the conditions and we dealt with it.

"It would have been ideal to finish it off on the day but it was a game to get through and get our name in the draw.

Danny Murphy: "They did well considering they hadn't won for while in their own league, they kept us down to just a few chances and made a couple of their own. I never really thought we were that uncomfortable and the result wasn't a bad one for us. It was typical of the FA Cup third round.